Drive Through COVID-19 Vaccination

Portable Internet Service

One of our healthcare clients needed a solution for running COVID-19 vaccination clinics in a parking lot or pavilion.  They wanted to provide secure connectivity to electronic health records (EHRs) for a team of doctors, nurses and their support staff at any location.  The challenge with these outdoor venues is that there might not be any internet connectivity or power outlets available where the staff need to work.

Secure Internet Anywhere

To meet the internet needs we chose to use a Fortigate 40F firewall with embedded LTE radio.  With this device the client just needed to plug in a SIM card with a data plan and they could provide tunneled / encrypted access to the EHR for all remote workers.  We paired the Fortigate with an external wireless access point that could be placed independently to provide coverage where staff would need it most.

Portable Power Solution

In order to provide power we found that the Jackery Explorer 1000 portable battery was able to power to the firewall for over 24 hours straight before needing a recharge.  This model also has car charging adapters and optional solar panels to extend this life even further while onsite.

This solution provided an easy way for the medical team to show up, plug in and get to work!  The staff reported great speeds and coverage with this setup!

Here’s a video we provided so that they could get started with their portable clinic.