Backup & Disaster Recovery

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Protect your data, protect your business

Your data is arguably your most valuable business asset, which is why we do more than just back up your data – we protect it as if it were our own.  Do you need solutions that are compliant, like HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, or PCI?  Our solutions meet or exceed the requirements for these standards.

What’s most important is that all of our offerings are fully managed by our backup & recovery team. Advanced Data understands that backups only matter when it’s time to recover.

We will ensure that your data is available where you need it, and when you need it!  We develop a custom backup solution that fits your specific environment and then write a compete Disaster Recovery plan that can be executed if the need arises.  Practice makes perfect so we periodically perform test restores on random files and systems to ensure when it comes time to restore, we can. 

Advanced Data’s Backup solutions deliver superior protection and continuity all while saving you time and money.


File & Folder Backup

For quick restores and protection against ransomware, Advanced Data can backup all of your important files and folders directly to the cloud.  With advanced encryption and security we ensure your data stays safe while in transit and at rest.

System Backup

There is more on your servers and systems than just data.  Often the time put into setting up your servers and applications represents a huge investment.  Can that time be backed up as well.  With a full system level image backup Advanced Data can take an exact snapshot of your data at a point in time, backing up your data as well as all of the time invested into setting up and configuring your system.

Virtual Environments

In addition to backing up your servers and other infrastructure, Advanced Data can also design and build highly available and redundant Virtual environments to provide the highest level of up-time and resiliency.

Advanced Data also provides SAN replication to our secure data centers as another level of backup and continuity.




To get started with Backup & Disaster Recovery Services, Advanced Data performs a design review to ensure we understand your business needs, network and system topology, and security policies. We then use these details to help develop and define your custom Backup and Disaster Recovery plan.

Once we ascertain your needs, we then provision, deploy, manage and monitor your backup environment.



    • Protects your business and its critical information from threats
    • Secures your data and ensure you are always ready for business
    • Meet compliance standards
    • Prevent loss of revenue from down systems

Whether it’s our full IT managed services offering or a single IT issue, we’re a local Asheville based WNC company, here to provide excellent support. Let’s begin the conversation.