91% of cyber attacks begin with a phishing email.  Phishing remains the most common and successful way for hackers to get their foot in the door before infecting an organization with malware.  Often, those phishing emails contain counterfeit links that will lead a victim to a file or site that has been compromised.

Advanced Data continues to invest in our security stack.  One of the new tools that we’re implementing for our clients is called Link Lock. This tool adds an additional layer to the SpamTitan email security pipeline by neutralizing malicious links in emails.

Once this new protection is added to your organization, you will notice that links in emails will be rewritten.  When a URL is verified as safe, clicking the link will be redirected to the original destination. If the URL is not safe, then the link will go to a block page.

If you see a rewritten link, you will notice that it contains “linklock.titanhq.com” at the beginning.  This is expected behavior and will pass your traffic safely.  Hovering over a link (as shown in the following image) will reveal the newly rewritten safe URL.

Please let us know if you have any questions about this new email protection.  Be safe out there!