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Did you know a well managed IT infrastructure can actually save you money.


Technology is bridging the competitive divide between companies of any size and across all industries.

In recent studies:

  • Enterprise Management Associates reported that 80% of organizations don’t know what IT systems or software they have installed or how to manage them.
  • The Gartner Group estimated that poor IT management alone increases the total cost of IT ownership by 7–10% a year.

It’s no surprise that Gartner and other research firms estimate that the right IT partner can reduce the product selection, procurement, implementation, maintenance and management costs of small organizations by 20–30%.

This can mean great cost savings. Coupled with clear, competent strategic guidance this can help make IT management challenges much less overwhelming.


Businesses that don't have a clear handle on their IT


Average savings with properly managed IT

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A Competitive Advantage

Advanced Data is an industry-recognized leader in providing technology consulting services and products. Our professional services clients include a wide spectrum across many industries including Legal, Real Estate, Retail, Insurance, Architectural, Financial, Construction, Agriculture, and many more. Our clients gain a competitive advantage from our expertise in leveraging emerging technologies to deliver impactful results.

Solutions & Experience That Span the Full Spectrum

Some of Advanced Data’s greatest success stories have been made with our professional services clients that are using technology to stay ahead of the curve.  Van Winkle Law Firm, Biltmore Farms, Beverly-Grant, Young and McQueen Grading Company, Champion Credit Union, Best Buy, Mast General Store, TP Howards Plumbing, and many more all rely on our expertise and experience in technology.  Each of our solutions is backed by real-world experience, business-driven results and a strong understanding of leading edge technology. Advanced Data’s solutions are designed to help you take advantage of the latest innovations in technology to keep your institution on the path to profitability and success.

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Schedule an assessment of your current systems, processes and applications, to find out how Advanced Data can help you map out a long-term strategy that will:

  • Reduce costs and increase flexibility by migrating to the cloud
  • Provide fast and fluid IT management for zero downtime
  • Increase productivity and market reach with mobile solutions
  • Foster secure enterprise collaboration with a user-centric network

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