What can VoIP do for you?

Whether you need a business phone system installed on-premise, have many offices, or want a cloud hosted Virtual PBX VoIP System, Advanced Data can provide the technology and know how to find the best IP phone system for your company. Our expertise and experience with Cisco, Adtran, 3CX, and other vendors gives us the advantage when designing a voice solution for your business.

Advantages include:Voice Solutions

  • Eliminate current phone circuit and bill
  • Low cost calls
  • Large feature set
  • Easy and inexpensive moves, adds, and changes
  • Having your extension follow you where ever you go
  • Simple management and control

What Makes Us Different?

Most providers who offer voice come from a telephony background. We come with an IT mindset, leveraging our expertise in building secure networks, and the ability to integrate multiple phone systems and sites into one easy-to-manage system. We begin with a site survey to understand your network, and an audit that looks at your current data and voice costs. We bring all the regional service providers together to find the best and lowest cost solution. Then we design a custom system that integrates with your network, and provides all the functions that address your business needs. Advanced Data assures this is a simple and pleasant process. Contact us to learn about phone systems that would work best for you and start to realize the advantages of VoIP for your business.

Get Started!

Smart Phone App

Employees’ productivity doesn’t have to be halted simply because they are not in the office due to the mobility features:

  • Call colleagues or clients via the office network, rather than the mobile network and save money
  • Transfer and hold calls
  • Hide your mobile number
  • Call forwarding from your desk phone to your smartphone, based on your status
  • Seamless out of office or in office detection
  • Provision extension details by email
  • Manage multiple calls simultaneously
  • See presence or status of colleagues
  • Access company phone book
  • Set up conference calls
  • Instant Chat

Whether traveling for business or working from home, Advanced Data can help your business cut the cord that is tying your employees to their desks by investing in a money-saving phone system with mobile capabilities.

Unified Communication

Unified Communication UC

What is Unified Communications?
Unified Communications is the integration of voice,
video and data into one solution, allowing users to
be in touch with anyone, wherever they are, and in
real time. UC features include: instant messaging,
presence information, video conferencing, and
unified messaging.

For businesses and other organizations, adopting a
UC solution eliminates the need for multiple
communications systems. In turn this optimizes
business procedures and boosts communications by
simplifying processes, making it easier for people to
keep in touch.

Are you barely keeping your head above the IT waters?See how we can help you stay afloat with your technology!