For as long as we can remember, having antivirus (AV) software installed and updated was an important aspect of a healthy cyber security posture.  However as threats have evolved, the tools that thwart attacks must evolve, and this includes antivirus.  Threats are no longer predictable or static in nature, and threat actors have learned to leverage normal system admin tools to introduce malware. Traditional signature-based AV can not recognize these new waves of threats.

A new generation of tools called Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) have emerged from the failed experiences of AV products.  EDR tools perform the same traditional functions of AV, and add a broad spectrum of new features to strengthen endpoint security.  These functions include threat hunting, machine learning engines to detect never-before-seen threats, and remediation tools to help clean up after an attack.

Advanced Data is in the process of transitioning our clients from AV to new EDR solutions.  As we deploy these new tools we will be uninstalling the old AV product.  Because EDR is a more comprehensive security solution, there is a chance that some applications could be impacted by the new protective measures.  Please report any issues to our team and we will continue to tune the solution for your IT environment.