Campus Environments

 Connectivity at every turn

Campus’s offer a unique set of challenges when designing and connecting your users to the network.  It is no small task to get everyone connected across your organization through out your campus environment.  Having a network infrastructure that is capable of handling your business’s demands is essential for today’s competitive markets.

A Competitive Advantage

Advanced Data specializes is designing, building, and implementing large, complex, campus networks to provide the connectivity you need.  Our expertise and certifications with Cisco have enabled us to provide the very best for your campus and business.



A well connected network can improve productivity by...


Campus's that feel they have a complete view and understanding of their enviornment

Solutions & Experience

From a solid backbone to access to your employees all the way to complete wireless connectivity for you and your guests, Advanced Data can help you.  We can help you start where you are and build upon industry proven solutions that provide a platform your business can grow and excel on.  We can also help you diagram and map out your environment so you can visually see what you have and how it is all connected together.

Take the Next Step

Schedule a network assessment of your current systems, processes and applications, to find out how Advanced Data can help you map out a long-term strategy that will:

  • Reduce costs and increase flexibility by migrating to the cloud
  • Provide fast and fluid IT management for zero downtime
  • Increase productivity and market reach with mobile solutions
  • Foster secure enterprise collaboration with a user-centric network

Whether it’s our full IT managed services offering or a single IT issue, we’re a local Asheville based WNC company, here to provide excellent support. Let’s begin the conversation.