Email Security

Email Security

Eliminate your risk and enhance your messaging.

Email is one of the most used methods attackers use to infiltrate your business.  These attacks are becoming more and more sophisticated.  Advanced Data has a suite of security tools to combat and virtually eliminate these threats so your employees can communicate and collaborate worry free.

Advanced Data’s Email solutions deliver superior performance and security all while saving you time and money.



Spam & Virus Gateway

Our Spam and Virus Gateway service scans and filters your email before it ever reaches your network, removing unwanted spam and virus’s.  Our gateway also will store your emails in the event that your mail server is offline.  We deliver a daily digest of all of the messages that have been blocked for review.  Custom whitelists and blacklists can be configured per user.

Our solution is completely managed so no additional hardware or software is required.  Setup is a breeze and support is included.  Give it a try today!

Security Awareness Training & Phishing Simulation

The phrase “What you don’t know can’t hurt you” could never be more wrong when it comes to your business security.  Over half of cyber attacks are a direct result of human error.  Cybersecurity is everyone’s responsibility.  Untrained employees are a huge risk, so why not train them.

Email Encryption

Email is the business standard for communicating.  Unfortunately email is not 100% secure and often does not meet compliance standards required by your business.  Email encryption is a way to make sure that only the intended recipient is able to view your secure message.  Advanced Data offers a email encryption solution that is both easy and effective to use.




To get started with Hosted Email Services, Advanced Data performs a design review to ensure we understand your business needs, network and system topology, and security policies. We then use these details to help develop and define your custom email security plan.

Once we ascertain your needs, we then provision, deploy, manage and monitor your security environment. Deployment is quick so we can start getting you protected right away.



    • Cost effective solutions require no capital outlay. Hardware and maintenance costs are bundled into a single affordable and predictable all-inclusive monthly charge
    • Remedy gaps in your security team’s skills. Advanced Data has specialized professionals on staff with experience in security practices across a broad range of industries
    • Protect your organization against a wide range of network attacks
    • Ensure compliance with PCI, HIPAA, GBLA, FISMA and other regulations
    • Increase employee productivity and optimize network performance by blocking hacking and other malicious activities
    • Keep employees productive by removing the burden of dealing with spam and viruses
    • Improve performance by reducing network traffic, processing, and storage

Whether it’s our full IT managed services offering or a single IT issue, we’re a local Asheville based WNC company, here to provide excellent support. Let’s begin the conversation.