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Mercy Urgent Care celebrates a decade of partnership with Advanced Data

Advanced Data was helping Mercy Urgent Care with their IT needs in 2004 when Tim Johnston, CEO, first arrived. A decade later, the partnership still works.

Mercy Urgent Care operates four urgent care centers in Asheville, serving some 60,000 patients each year with more than 100 employees. Their history dates back to 1900 when they established medical care in the community with St. Josephs Hospital. The sisters wanted to continue their mission with urgent care and a foundation that supports local causes and capital.

Serving all four centers, Advanced Data provides work stations, phone and onsite support, and monitors systems. They also manage and update software, anti-virus and email protection, support Microsoft applications, and provide emergency after-hours support.

“They did a technology plan for us, inventoried all technology and hardware, and helped us progress our use of technology over a period of time. They also helped us evaluate and move to EMR, and are helping us maintain it,” explained Tim.

Tim notes that one advantage to working with Advanced Data is that no one person could have the breadth of knowledge the team provides. “We’re getting a lot more for our money than having an in-house person,” he said.

“They are a great group with outstanding client reps, and the people they hire get better and better. They have almost exactly what we need. It’s a pleasure to support small business and support companies that keep employment here in Asheville.”

Whether it’s full IT management or a single IT issue, we’re here to provide excellent service and solutions. Let’s begin the conversation.