Laurel OB/GYN

Laurel OBGYN is a Healthcare managed service client

Laurel OB/Gyn takes advantage of Flat Fee IT services

Suzy Whisnant is the business manager for Laurel Ob/Gyn, an independent obstetrics and gynecology practice known for its attention to personal care. The practice’s five physicians, family nurse practitioner, and 18 staff members focus on women’s health and delivering healthy babies. They know IT is critical, but to best focus on patients, they decided to delegate the responsibility to experts.

After the phone installation was complete, Suzy said they started talking about backup for Laurel’s computer system and things snowballed from there. Today they manage Laurel’s total IT needs.

Advanced Data manages Laurel’s backup data, firewall, and virus protection in addition to the phone system, which is VoIP. In 2011 the practice transitioned to an EMR system and Advanced Data helped them purchase new laptops and integrate the system with Cerner, the practice’s software system.

Suzy knows that things happen; phones go out, the Internet goes down, but she also knows that Advanced Data technicians are always a phone call away and that they jump on any problem quickly.

“They know how important our IT is—if it’s down we don’t have charts or schedules or office notes. They provide us with friendly and responsive customer service.”

Advanced Data takes good care of us, they know how to keep us happy, and they appreciate their customers,” she noted. “They have managed our total IT for over a year now and it’s working smoothly.”

Whether it’s full IT management or a single IT issue, we’re here to provide excellent service and solutions. Let’s begin the conversation.