Eliada Home

Elida Home Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility

Advanced Data helps Eliada Home keep children safe

Eliada Home has served children and families in Western North Carolina for more than 100 years. This nonprofit agency offers residential and day treatment for high-risk children, day care, summer camp and school age care, foster and therapeutic foster care and recreation, and community support services.

Keeping children safe is paramount for Eliada, and their IT systems are an important part of that safety. Advanced Data has assisted them for many years with consulting services and by implementing major projects such as video surveillance, an essential tool in a facility that cares for high-risk children.

“There are only two of us to manage all our IT needs, so for any IT project that requires a lot of time and effort we hire them. It’s faster and more efficient,” said Russell Borghere, Eliada Home IT Manager.

Advanced Data frequently assists Russell with new technology because the company is always on top of the latest knowledge and training. They recently helped Eliada Home implement SAN, a device that helps expand storage capabilities and reduces server resources. Advanced Data also provides offsite backup for the agency.

“They are local, reliable, and quick to respond, plus I’ve gotten to know many of them and really like them. It’s personal to them, almost like a family,” said Russell.

Whether it’s full IT management or a single IT issue, we’re here to provide excellent service and solutions. Let’s begin the conversation.