Biltmore Farms

Biltmore Farms

Delivering on their promises

Biltmore Farms is an icon in the Asheville area. The company develops high-end communities such as The Ramble and Biltmore Lake, and other communities including Biltmore Park. They also operate five hotels, build homes, and do leasing and property management.

Biltmore Farms selected Advanced Data in 2010 to perform Flat Fee IT for specific properties; they were one of Advanced Data’s first Flat Fee customers.

Advanced Data has become a partner with Biltmore Farms, helping them with computer equipment, network diagramming, and even creating a five-year IT plan. The company manages 12 sites with as many servers, and more than a hundred work stations.

“They provide excellent customer service and understand both our company and employee needs,” said Anthony. “It’s great to have their wealth of information behind us, and they continue to provide solutions for our technological needs.”

Anthony also appreciates the way Advanced Data continues to work on any issues until they are resolved. They also provide feedback and solutions to prevent reoccurrence.

“I would recommend them based on their history of providing exceptional service combined with dependable, experienced and responsive staff. They deliver on promises and take responsibility for any shortcomings,” he said.

Whether it’s full IT management or a single IT issue, we’re here to provide excellent service and solutions. Let’s begin the conversation.