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City of Brevard

The City of Brevard had many different IT systems in use, making it difficult to communicate with other, not a good thing among various city services, especially ones that require immediate response, like the fire department.

“We had several issues and a small budget, and every time I needed help with a computer I received a bill,” explained Craig Budzinski, Brevard Fire Chief. “We needed a contract with fixed costs, and people who could come in and fix problems quickly and accurately.”

So the City of Brevard researched IT companies in the area, put the contract out for bid, and hired Advanced Data about two years ago. The first noticeable difference was with the Internet—service was spotty before, now it’s fast and reliable from anywhere in city buildings. Advanced Data tied the phone system into the Internet, and the city established common email addresses and four-digit dialing all contained within the system. Remote access by Advanced Data technicians assures easy access and quick response when issues arise.

“I’m very glad we have Advanced Data, anytime we need IT related help they get right on it,” he said.

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